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Get a Brighter, Whiter Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Are you self-conscious about the color of your teeth? Are yellowing and discoloration making you feel you can’t smile, laugh, and talk with others without covering your mouth? If you are considering teeth whitening treatment but have been unable to achieve the results you want with over-the-counter dental bleaching kits, it may be time to talk to the team at Leah Zils, DDS of The Woodlands, Texas, to learn more about professional smile whitening services.

What professional whitening options are available at Leah Zils, DDS?

We offer two kinds of whitening: in-office whitening and take-home whitening. The main difference between the two types is the time it takes to complete the treatment. In-office whitening can lighten teeth up to four shades in a single, one-hour appointment. Take-home whitening usually takes place over about two weeks for fifteen minutes or more daily. Cost also plays a role. At-home bleaching is less expensive than in-office whitening but provides slower results. Choosing one that fits your needs starts with a consultation appointment with Dr. Leah Zils.

Which whitening treatment is appropriate for me?

We work with patients looking to brighten their smiles and can educate them on the pros and cons of each treatment so they can choose the one that is best for their needs. While both options can produce great results, they differ in terms of cost and speed of results. Patients who are on a budget may find the at-home whitening kit to be effective enough for their needs while remaining affordable, and those who want same-day results might consider the benefits of Zoom! in-office whitening treatment. With the guidance of our dentists, patients can make an informed decision on which option is best for their individual needs and preferences. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a brighter, more confident smile that patients can be proud of.

Schedule an appointment with Leah Zils, DDS, in The Woodlands, Texas!

Request a visit with Dr. Zils to discuss teeth whitening treatments that are available in the office. The practice is in The Woodlands, TX, at 6769 Lake Woodlands Drive, Suite A, and can be reached by calling (281) 973-2276 for an appointment.

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