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Using oral conscious sedation to combat dental anxiety

Dental phobia is a common condition for patients of all ages. At the office of Leah Zils, DDS, patients with a fear of the dentist can rest easy, knowing they can ask about oral sedation. The office, conveniently located in The Woodlands, Texas, is equipped to assist by providing sedation for any procedure performed.

What is oral sedation, and how does it work?

Oral sedation, often referred to as oral conscious sedation or just “conscious sedation,” is a way of managing anxiety and fear during dental procedures. You will take a pill administered in the office to help relax you and reduce any feelings of discomfort or stress. In certain situations, nitrous is added as well to help modify the level of conscious sedation for comfort.

 The most common sedative used for oral sedation is typically a type of benzodiazepine, such as Valium, Halcion, or Ativan. These medications are proven to be both safe and effective for use in dental procedures.

What can I expect when I take the sedation medication?

We encourage our patients to arrange for transportation to and from the dental office. The medication will be administered in the office and will take 30-60 minutes to start taking effect. As the medication begins to work, you may feel drowsy and relaxed, making it easier for you to tolerate any necessary dental treatments. You can still communicate with your dentist while following instructions, but you may not remember much of the procedure afterward.

What procedures can I use oral conscious sedation for?

Any patient with dental phobia can benefit from sedation during any type of dental appointment–all you have to do is ask!

Do you have a fear of the dentist?

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting the necessary care you need! Our team is here to assist with oral sedation options. Whether you require sedation for a tooth extraction or a simple cleaning, we can make your next appointment a positive experience. Call (281) 973-2276 to request an appointment at our office at 6769 Lake Woodlands Drive, Suite A, in The Woodlands, TX.

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