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Mouthguard options for patients

The Leah Zils DDS team offers several kinds of mouthguards to help patients with a wide range of dental concerns, from preventing trauma to the mouth to treating clenching and grinding while a patient sleeps. This is important, as protecting the smile from damage is key to a lifetime of beautiful, functional smiles. If you need mouthguards, we offer several types for you to consider:

  • Sleep Appliance (Oral Appliance Therapy). Sleep appliances are used to help maintain open airways in patients diagnosed with mild/moderate obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA. OSA typically occurs when the airway becomes blocked during sleep, causing pauses in breathing and potentially leading to a wide selection of health issues.
  • Custom nightguard. Nightguards for teeth are also commonly used for patients with grinding or clenching their teeth while sleeping, a condition known as bruxism. By wearing a nightguard, patients can protect their teeth from excess wear and prevent associated jaw pain. Patients may also want to talk to their dentist about the possible cause of their bruxism. 

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