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What Are The Advantages Of Metal-Free Dental Fillings?

Metal fillings over time cause tooth fracturing due to extreme temperatures in the mouth that cause the metal packed in the tooth to expand and contract. As the fractures worsen the tooth will need to be crowned to reinforce the structural integrity of the tooth. Luckily with tooth colored fillings we do not worry about this future fracturing and can be more conservative of the natural tooth structure by only addressing the damaged areas of the tooth with decay.
The Leah Zils, DDS, team in The Woodlands, Texas area works with patients to provide tooth-colored, composite resin white fillings that are metal-free and safe.

What Are The Benefits Of Tooth-Colored Fillings And Restorations?

Today’s composite resins allow our dentists to create fillings that are tooth-colored and can be closely matched to the shade of your existing teeth. They not only look natural, but they are also highly durable and will last many years, giving you a strong and beautiful restoration.

What If I Already Have Metal Or Silver Amalgam Fillings In My Smile?

When metal-free dentistry is a primary objective of the patient, we can remove existing amalgam fillings and replace them with porcelain or composite fillings. Our team ensures this is done safely and appropriately to reduce the risk of toxicity to both the patient and the team.

What Can I Expect During My Appointment To Receive A Tooth-Colored Metal-Free Filling?

During your appointment, we will first thoroughly examine your teeth to determine the extent of decay and the best course of treatment. If a tooth-colored filling is recommended, the area will be numbed using a local anesthetic to ensure comfort during the procedure. Any decayed or damaged tooth parts will be removed, and the composite resin material will be added. It is cured with a light and then filed and polished to complete the process.

Where Can I Learn More About Tooth-Colored Fillings?

If you are in The Woodlands, TX, and want to talk to a dentist about the benefits of white composite resin fillings, connect with the Leah Zils, DDS, team today. Our office is at 6769 Lake Woodlands Drive, Suite A, and is open to new and current patients who call (281) 973-2276 to request a visit.

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